Top Custom-made Engagement Rings in New York for You

Engagement has knocked in, and you are willing to invest some bucks in buying your engagement rings.

You wouldn’t want to make a mistake when buying a unique engagement at an engagement ring shop in Long Island NY as it holds a lot of meanings in your relationship. Thus, getting it done right should be your priority.

Now you want to go a little overboard, and vye for a custom made engagement ring to prove to the world how valuable your relationship is, then our unique rings design store in Melville, NY is your best bet. There are different styles of making engagement rings all of which will be discussed in this article.

Styles of making a custom made engagement ring

There are different styles of making an engagement ring, but in this article, we will only talk about the most popular styles, some of which are:

Three Stone rings

The three stone rings are a popular style of getting an engagement ring. Most three stone rings will have three similar size stones, and sometimes one large stone and two little stones on each side of the large stone and the style of the ring can vary based on client’s taste.

However, in some cases, some clients may want to go extraordinarily by choosing to want a four or five ring stone settings. You can get your custom at engagement rings store in Huntington Station, NY.


These styles of rings are made with various stones of the same size or central larger stones with smaller stones circled it. The cluster style design varies from basic to elaborate depending on the preference of the clients.

Halo style

The halo style is among the most popular ring styles at the moment. Having its roots traced to the heirloom ring, the single or double halo is a way to add a glint to your stone. The double halo is what most bride root for because of the way it usually stands out and allures their ring finger.

Halo rings made can be made by our Long Island jewelers engagement rings maker with the use of a central stone with gemstones or diamond circling it.


Solitaire otherwise known as classic solitaire is one style of ring that has never gone out of version. It has two main settings- the prong set and tension set. One of the things that make solitaire stand out is that different shapes and sizes of stone can be used to make it.

One of the essential materials used in making the solitaire style is the central stone, so there is a need for you to top quality gemstones to make it stand out. When you are opting for two-settings solitaire style, it is advisable to look out for the prongs as it a distinct feature two solitaire settings.

Coloured stone

The coloured stone styles of rings are mostly made by using sapphires, rubies and emeralds. They don’t go with traditional white diamonds. Morganite, grey diamonds and tanzanite are also becoming a popular material using in making coloured stone rings.

Victorian style

The Victoria style engagement ring is dated back to the 19th century, and it is a flower-shaped cluster with three to five stone settings in it. The elements used in Victoria style engagement rings are ornate metalwork, statement stone and heavy

Vintage style

For those who appreciate rings with a story behind them or romantic, then vintage engagement ring is their best option.

Other styles of engagement rings are Bezel style, Bombe style, twist style, art décor style, Edwardian style and a host of others.

Getting an engagement ring store in Long Island NY, Melville and Huntington Station that offers all these custom made engagement ring styles can pose to be a little stressful. But at The Karat shop, it is a walk in the park.

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