Three Stone Rings For Sale

A three stone ring is a ring that normally consists of three reasonably sized stones. A three stone ring may consist of three equally sized stones nestled close to one another or one large stone in the center with two smaller stones on either side. Three stone rings can be made up of three different gems, three of the same gem, or two of one type gem and one other gem.

Probably the most common type of three stone ring is the 3 stone diamond ring. Three stone diamond rings for women are extremely popular. Although other gems such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are also popular choices in three stone rings for women.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

When it comes to three stone engagement rings the styles, types of metal, and types of stones may vary a great deal depending on the individual brides’ taste. There may be some three stone engagement rings that may actually have more than three stones. These rings normally have 3 main stones that are surrounded by much smaller gems. It isn’t uncommon to see an engagement ring that features 3 beautiful blue sapphires or deep green emeralds with each sapphire surrounded by tiny diamonds.

Metals used in three stone engagement rings are rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum. While white gold and platinum are the most popular there are some brides that still prefer yellow gold or pink gold for their engagement rings.

The diamonds in these rings may also include yellow, pink or black diamonds as well as the standard white or clear diamonds. In addition, three stone diamond engagement rings can be premade or custom made.

Many three stone engagement rings come in sets with either a plain wedding band or a single row ring with the same stones as the engagement rings has.

Other Types of Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings come in other types than statement and engagement rings. Three stone birthstone rings are always quite popular with the three main stones being the persons birthstone. These rings may or may not include diamonds in the ring as well.

You can also find three stone mother’s rings as well. For mothers who have three children each of the three stones in the ring will represent one of her children’s birthstone. In cases, where there are only two children in the family, the middle stone may be the mother’s birthstone with a child’s birthstone placed on either side of the mother’s birthstone. This type of 3 stone ring may also include small diamonds as well.

Three stone rings may be designed for a number of special occasions in a woman’s life and these rings make each of these occasions a little more special. Like any other type of ring these rings vary a great deal in look, style and price so if you are looking for a three stone ring for sale that meets your taste and your budget, finding such a ring may be easier than you think.

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