Stacking Rings

Stacking rings is a trend that allows you combine several rings together that allows you to create your own unique sense of style. You can either use several different styles of rings and stack them together or purchase an actual stacking ring set.

What is a Stacking Ring Set?

A stacking ring set is a set of several rings that are designed to be worn together. Oftentimes, the rings in a stacking ring set are specially designed so that the rings actually fit together. Stacked rings for women come in a variety of different styles and some having gem stones and others being just plain metal such as gold or platinum.

A stacking ring set that has gemstones often stagger the gems in each ring so when the set is stacked together the stones don’t bump against one another. A stacking ring set may also include rings of various shades of the same metal such as yellow gold, pink gold and white gold so when worn together the effect is beautiful and interesting.

A stack rings for women can come with various of numbers of rings in the set. The most common of these stack ring sets is 3 stack rings, although there are also 4 and 5 stack ring sets as well.

When everything is considered a matching engagement and wedding ring set is actually a two ring stacked ring set.

Stacking ring sets will vary in price from highly affordable to extremely expensive depending on many different things including: the number and quality of gems, the type of metals in the rings, and the number of rings in the set.

Stacking Rings Not Designed to be Part of A Set

Stack rings for women doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase an actual stacked ring set. Many women stack individual rings to create their own ring fashion. When combining individual rings into a stack there are a few tips that can help you create the sense of stylish fashion you are looking for.

  • Create your ring stack out of the same types of metal. Mixing precious metals such as gold or platinum with cheap metals used in costume jewelry will hit a discordant note in your stacked rings.
  • Try combining rings with various band widths. This helps to create an interesting design when the rings are viewed all together.
  • When stacking rings with gems, turn different rings slightly so that the gems are not bumping together. You can also space a plain band between two rings with larger gems to separate the gems from one another.
  • Consider you finger size when deciding the number of rings you will include in your stack. Women with short fingers may want to stack only two or three thin rings together so that the ring stack doesn’t overwhelm their hand and leave their fingers looking even shorter.

Of course whether you are looking to buy a stacking ring set or are stacking individual rings you are going to want your stack to be made up of nice quality rings since the effect will be far more fashionable and elegant than using cheap rings.

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