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Top Trending Earrings in the fashion world

Earrings are considered one of the most commonly used jewelry for women as they add to their beauty and make them look more sophisticated.

Earrings can be used all the time as it doesn’t have a specific outfit it goes with whether casual or office wears. Long Island custom jewelry earrings design stores have a record of providing you with the most exceptional earrings.

You are looking for where to get your custommade earrings, personalised earrings, unique earring design storein Melville NY and its surroundings that are trending in the fashion world? You have come to the right place.

Getting a good and quality earring can pose to be a major task when you don’t have any details on the type of earring you want to buy. Which is why in this article, we will discuss the popular types of earrings and what they are made of

Types of earrings you can find at the Karat Store

  • Stud earrings

Stud earrings small and delicate in size are like floating, sited right at the centre of the earlobe. It is one of the most common and popular types of earrings. Stud earrings when securely fitted to the earlobe can fit into any outfits especially if you get it from Long Island custom make earrings store.

  • Drop earrings

Drop earrings are earrings sited below the earlobe,and they are firmly secured to the earlobe. And it is categorised into two fittings- the hook wire earrings and the continental drop earrings.

The drop earrings are made with gemstones or ornament that dangles down from a chain, hoop and so on. The size varies based on the preference of the buyer.

  • Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are similar to a ring. It always comes in the form of a hoop open metal in the earlobe. They come in different shape, round oval, square and heart shaped. The earring can be rotated inn360 degrees and are made of solid materials.

The size and shape of a hoop earring product are small which makes it comfortable to be worn even to sleep. There are two different types of hoop earrings;

Creole hoop earrings: These kinds of earringsare usually fastened on a snap-shut fitting,and they make use of traditional hoop.

Half hope earring: Otherwise known as wedding rings are the modern form of hoop earrings. They are one of the most popular earrings and are design with beautiful stones engraved with pretty designs.

  • Hugging earrings

Hugging earrings just like its name implies sits close to the ear and can be said to be hugging the earlobe. They are usually clamped I the centre of the hoop and can be a plain, pattern or set with some beautiful crystals.

  • Andralok earrings

Created in the 1970s for jewellery lovers, who have a thing with fiddly butterfly scroll, is the andralok earrings. One of the most importantfeatures that makeandralok earrings stands out is the ability to stay glued to your ear because of its modern snap-shutting which erase the fear of its getting lostespecially when you get personalized earrings at Huntington Station.

  • Single earrings

These types of earring are mostly worn by men or those who want to mix and match two earrings together.

  • Barbell earrings

Barbell earrings got its name derived because of its resemblance to a Barbell. It is a metal bar which comes with an orb at each end. One of the orb Is use to attached or detached Barbell from the ear,and the other orb is at a fixed place

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