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All you Need to Know About the Types of Ring Settings

One of the most determinant factors of a ring is its setting. A ring setting is as important as the stone to be used in a ring. So as a jeweller or a buyer who wants to buy jewellery, you should place much importance on the ring settings.

Be it a custom made ring or a personalised ring, if a jeweller does not get the settings right, then the probability of getting a well-shaped ring is very low. The setting choice of a ring can have a huge turn around on how the ring will look like, that is why getting it at our custom rings shop long island NY and personalized rings shop Huntington Station, NY is of utmost importance.

Karat Store drafts out this article, for people to know the importance of ring settings for youand also to shop at our unique ring designs store Melville, NY for quality rings. We have different types of ring settings some of which are:

Split Shank setting

Split Shank setting otherwise known as peek-a-boo setting is known to bring out the best in a diamond cut. It is also known for its durability, which makes it meet the requirement of being distinctive and modern.

Channel settings

Channel ring setting is the most suitable ring settings for lovers of sport and adventures. If you love to go for a hike or a workout and also a lover of beautiful things, then this ring setting is the best for you. Channel settings are made by setting diamonds in a row along the band in between two metal edges.

The channel ring setting does not run the risk of damaging or losing the diamond because the diamonds are kept in between the metal bars.

East-West setting

The east-west setting is known for its to create a unique flair for its user. It is a diamond turn horizontal, even though it may look small but it holds significance. It is for those who love to be in between, i.e.you are not simple,but you are also not over the top. Be a patronize of our Long Island custom jewelry rings maker for premium,and quality East-West rings.

Pave Settings.

They are diamonds paved with a smaller diamond. The pave ring settings are always out to bring out the spark in the smaller diamonds. The settings are inserted into smaller holes and are attached firmly with mini prongs. It is worthy to note that pave settings is a matter of a taste and know that it is not easy resizing a pave setting ring that has already been covered with diamonds.

So know what you are going for, make sure it meets your taste before you venture into it.

The Tension Ring Setting

The tension ring settings work by using the tension of the ring to keep the diamond in place. It is a modern setting,and one of its features is that it doesn’t need a prong to hold its diamond; it makes use of the tension of the ring.

The tension ring settings make the diamond look as if it’s floating in the air. For the tension setting to give you your desired result, the tiny grooves must be cut at the spot where the touches the ring settings.

These and much more are the types of ring settings present in the fashion world. If you are in need of a professional jeweller who will design a ring based on your preferred ring settings, then our team of expertjewelers at our unique design jewelery store in Melville, Long Island custom make rings store, and Huntington Station will do a captivating and custom made jewelryring for you following your instruction.