Tips for Choosing the Best Quality Jewelry Store in New York

Getting a custom jewelry design shop in Melville NY and its environs can be a walk in the park; however, it could be very tasking to pick a store that gives you the best value for money

We bet you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on some jewelry that fades away in no time despite being sold for exorbitant prices.

To present you a smooth ride in selecting the most valuable custom jewelry design shop Melville, NY and its neighborhoods of Huntington Station, NY, Karat Store has curated tips that will aid jewelry enthusiasts in identifying quality jewelry be it custom made jewelry, personalizedjewelry, handmade jewelryand so on.

This post will make your hunt for jewelry making shop in Huntington Station and custom jewelry design shop Melville, NY a seamless process.

How to Identify a quality Jewelry

  • Search for hallmarks

This is the first step in identifying quality jewelries. The hallmarks will give information on the metal content of the jewelry, the designer, country of origin and manufacturer.

The hallmark is a trademark for high-endjewelriesstores that has spanned beyond a century year. Different pieces of jewelryhaveunique location for their hallmark. For rings or bracelets, the hallmark is carved at the inside of the ring and bracelet while it’s at the clasp for a necklace. Also, earring has its hallmark featured on its post.

Although, the hallmark is not the only determinant of quality jewelrybut the fact your jewelry has a hallmark is a good sign. The symbols of hallmark vary according to the elements used. You can get this from a first-class custom made jewelry store like Karat.

  • Check the weight

A genuine gold, platinum or silver will always be heavier compared to cheapreplicas such as brass and pewter.

Any gold jewelry you check with extremely lightweight is an indication that is it inferior in quality, probably gold coated and not the real metal. Thus, the more massive a gold or platinum jewelry is, the higher the chance of it being of top quality.

Any gold jewelrythat fades and changes to another color not too long to the time that you made a purchase is likely to be an inferior product.

Since jewelries are weighed in karats, if your jeweler claims that particular jewelry is of a specific carat, ensure to have it weighed. Normally 1 carat equals 1/5 gram; this should help you to determine how many grams any jewelry carat will be.

  • Examine the prongs

The prongs setting of jewelry also determines the quality of jewelry just like in fine jewelry with a lot of stones glued into place. If you have jewelry with a cameo brooch that does not stay glued to its prong thatdefinitely means you are buying a substandard product.

Thus, in order to identify quality jewelry, you should make sure that the jewelry you are opting for has a lot of dazzlingly colored stones all set with prongs spotting an excellent shape and superior design.

We believe with this information; you should be able to differentiate cheap well-packaged ornaments from premium jewelries regardless of the type of jewelry you are going. Whether you need a custom made jewelry, personalizedjewelry in Long Island NY or in search of custom jewelry design shop in Melville, NY, Karat store is the perfect answer to all your jewelries needs.

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