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Vintage Rings

Vintage Rings

If you are looking for a ring that is beautiful, unique, and has some real history behind it then choosing a vintage ring may be something that you would be interested in.

What is a Vintage Ring?

A vintage ring is any ring style that was made 50 to 100 years ago. Today many jewelry stores carry bold vintage rings for men and beautiful and colorful vintage rings for women. There are basically 3 different periods in which vintage rings were made. These periods that make up what is known as vintage rings includes:

Art Deco Rings- The Art Deco movement began in around 1915 and ran through the mid-1930s. It was a time of new discoveries, new technological and a growing sense of adventure and new artistic expression. Art Deco rings for women and men features geometric shapes combined with ribbon, swirl, and flower shapes. Many art deco rings for men and women contains Egyptian, African, Native American and Oriental designs and patterns.

Eye-catching metal work combined with large diamonds and gemstones are the main features of Art Deco rings. Other than diamonds, gemstones that were popular during this time are emeralds, sapphires, jade, black onyx and ribbons.

Art Deco engagement and wedding rings featured beautiful diamond solitaries framed by handcrafted geometric metal works. Large top table cuts of diamonds such as baguettes, triangle and emerald cuts were highly featured.

Retro Period Rings

Retro Vintage rings followed Art Deco period rings and many of the new Retro designs still showed influence from the Art Deco period. The favored metal in rings of this time was gold, with rose gold being favored, but some rings featured a combination of yellow, rose and green gold. Glamour was the object of the day so Big bold diamonds and rubies were the most popular gems.

Many of these rings have creative almost over the top shapes with swirls, fans, and even some filigree worked into the overall design.

Post World War II (Modern) Period Rings

The Post World War II era was known as the Modern period for vintage jewelry. While many of the influences from the retro period blended into the modern vintage period. There are some distinctive styles during this period. In the US platinum and white gold were the metals that came back into style while in Europe Rose gold was still in high demand.

Diamonds were still the gem of choice although diamonds mixed with rubies and sapphires for a patriotic look were also popular. Engraved finishes, braided rope, and some filigree designs were all used to make attractive engagement and wedding rings.

Finding vintage rings can often be difficult to find, but well worth looking for. In many cases vintage rings are about 30% cheaper than modern rings, in other cases due to the larger stones and rarity of some styles these rings can be quite expensive.

Vintage Inspired Rings

There is a saying that everything old, becomes new again and that is true with vintage inspired rings. While these rings are new and modern they use vintage designs to make rings that look vintage, but are made using new technology and materials.