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Curved Bands

Curved Bands

Curved bands are a way to change an ordinary ring into something more eye-catching and interesting. Bypass rings is one type of curved band, but there are several solid bands that have stylish curves designed in them as well. Curved bands are often used simply as fashion jewelry and may be designed for any finger on your hand including curved thumb bands.

Curved Engagement Bands

Curved engagement bands or rings come in various eye-catching designs and may feature a band with a row of diamonds, or have a central large diamond and everything in between. Of course engagement band curved on the top and going up to a point on which the central stone fits has been around for a number of years. Other curved engagement rings have a scalloped look to the edges of the ring, while still other curves form a V or make the top of the ring look twisted.

There are many other styles of curved engagement rings to choose from so spending some times to look at as many different styles of curved rings as possible will give you some idea of the various styles available.

Curved Wedding Bands for Women

Curved wedding bands made be designed with or without stones. Normally if one of these bands has diamonds or other stones then the diamonds are small and usually arranged in one or two rows depending on the thickness of the ring itself. Like engagement rings curved wedding bands come in a wide variety of styles with various shapes of curves. There are curved wedding bands with gentle sweeping curves, sharp curves bringing the ring to point of forming a V, scallop type of curves and other styles of curves.

Curved wedding bands not only capture attention, but are designed to capture the imagination of the wearer. The bigger the curve the more notice the ring will get.

Curved Wedding Ring Sets

While you can certainly purchase curved engagement rings and wedding rings separately from one another you can also purchase curved wedding ring sets. Many of these sets are designed so that curves in the engagement ring and those in the wedding ring make the rings fit closer together so that two rings nestle into one another.

When the engagement ring has a large center stone the curved wedding band is designed to curve around part of the center diamond of the engagement ring.

Curved wedding rings sets give the impression that the rings are spooning one another.

Whether you are looking for an curved engagement ring, curved wedding ring or a curved wedding ring set, you need to take the time to see the different styles of bands available and choose a style that immediately speaks to you and is within your budget.

The great thing about curved bands is that many different styles of these bands are elegant, sophisticated and reasonably priced making them a good buy.