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Bezel Set Diamond Jewelry

Bezel Set Diamond Jewelry

Bezel set diamond jewelry is becoming increasing popular and can be seen in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Bezel sets appear in all types of jewelry made from other precious stones and even stones that are not considered precious.

What is Bezel Set Jewelry?

When people talk about bezel set jewelry they are speaking of the manner in which in the gem is held into place. Unlike prong set jewelry where small prongs go over various points of diamond to hold it firmly on the piece of jewelry it is mounted on, a bezel set consists of a metal ring that encircles all or part of the stone and is often raised slightly above the stone forming a little nest that the stone then sits securely in. The size of the bezel setting depends on the type of jewelry and its design as well as the size of the stone that is fit into the setting.

Bezel sets diamonds are normally round or rectangle in shape and while any type of metal can be used to create the bezel diamonds are usually place in platinum or white gold bezels. A bezel setting means the most visible part of the diamond or other stone is the very top.

Bezel settings are one of the safest types of mounting for valuable gems since they prevent the edge of the stone from chipping and tend to hold the gem more firmly in place that prong settings do.

A bezel set for a woman’s ring, earrings, or necklace holds the stone firmly in place and protects it from damage while still giving the jewelry a dainty and feminine look. This is especially important to active women who don’t want to have to worry about a prong becoming bent or breaking and allowing the diamond or other precious gem to fall out of the piece of jewelry.

The History of Bezel Set Jewelry

Bezel settings are perhaps the oldest type of setting for jewelry. This setting has been around for thousands of years and worn by the rich and the famous and the average woman. Perhaps, the longevity of this type of setting is do the fact that it is ageless. A woman’s bezel set jewelry can look trendy, modern and contemporary even if it is 100 years old. It is the perfect type of setting for heirloom jewelry that has been or will be passed down from generation to generation.

Best of all bezel settings are quite versatile since they can be thick or thin rings of metal, fully or partially enclose the stone and made from various metals. You can even find bezel settings combined with other setting to make unique pieces of jewelry that capture the eye.

Bezel Set Wedding, Engagement and Anniversary Rings

Bezel set diamond wedding, engagement and anniversary rings come in a variety of beautiful stunning styles that any woman would be proud to wear for today and all of the tomorrows to come.

If you have never considered Bezel set diamond jewelry, why not take a few minutes and see how beautiful this type of setting can be.