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Fancy Shape Jewelry

Fancy Shape Jewelry

To those of us not in the jewelry business fancy shape jewelry may be any piece of jewelry that has an unique and intricate setting or a stone that is cut is such a way as to make the stone apart from what we see in other jewelry. However, to those in the business of selling jewelry, especially gem stone jewelry fancy shape jewelry refers to the cut of the stone and has nothing to do with the setting itself.

Fancy Shape Diamonds

Take for instance Fancy shape diamonds. Jewelers refer to any cut of diamond different that the traditional round cut as a fancy shaped diamond. There are basically 9 cuts of diamonds that are referred to as fancy shape. These cuts include:

  • Emerald
  • Pair
  • Oval
  • Heart shaped
  • Princess
  • Asscher
  • Marquise
  • Radiant
  • Cushion

Interestingly enough while most people would think that there term fancy shape would increase the price of the price of the diamond, fancy shaped diamonds are usually less expensive than round cut diamonds. This makes fancy cut diamonds often a popular choice. In addition to being less expensive, fancy shaped diamonds (and other stones) appear to be larger than they actually are, which is why many people choose fancy shaped rings, especially engagement rings.

Fancy shape jewelry or fancy shape jewellery if you are British, means that those of you who are on a budget can purchase a loved one a diamond engagement ring that looks large enough to impress your loved one for an affordable price.

Best of all fancy shape jewelry is sold all over the world from American jewelry stores, to High Street British jewelers, to that French Bijouterie.

Fancy Shape Jewelry is Stunning

There is little doubt that round cut gem stones are beautiful, but fancy shape jewelry can be actually be more appealing and even more stunning that that traditional round cut. In fact, many bride’s to be actually prefer a fancy cut stone because they find them unique and want an engagement or wedding ring as unique as they feel their love is. Others simply just prefer the look of a specific cut of stone.

Quality Matters

Of course when it comes to any gem jewelry the quality of the stone matters. The quality of any given gem regardless of cut is based on two things, color and clarity.

The color of the stone is the most important when assessing the quality of a gem. The brighter and clearer the color of the gem the higher will be its color rating. For example a bright deep green emerald will be rated higher for color than one that is pale. A clearer diamond will normally get a higher color rating than one with a slight touch of yellow or blue (Although rare colored diamonds with brighter colors may be expensive).

After the color of the gem, the gems clarity is then used to determine quality. The quality of a gem is based on inclusions or lack of inclusions that appear in the stone.

Therefore it is possible that a fancy shape diamond or other gem may be more expensive than a round cut gem based on the color and clarity of each stone.

When choosing fancy shape jewelry, the most important thing is to choose the piece of jewelry suited to your taste and budget.