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Single Row Rings

Single Row Rings

The term single row rings refers to the arrangement of diamonds or other gemstones in the ring. The term is used to describe a single row of accent stones running down the shank of the ring. These types of rings are simple, elegant and timeless. The single row of gems doesn’t have to be in a straight line, but may form a hive looking effect or other slightly staggered design. The most popular of single row rings is of course single row diamond rings. Single row diamond rings are often seen in engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings.

Single Row Engagement Rings

Single row engagement rings normally consist of a larger stone in the center of the ring with smaller stones on either side of the large stone. This type of ring can either be single row diamond diamonds across the ring, or may be a different large gemstone with diamonds on either side of the gem or a large diamond in the center of the ring with other types of small gems on either side of the diamond.

Many times the larger diamond or gem in single row engagement rings is elevated above the smaller stones, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Single Row Wedding Rings

Single row wedding rings normally consist of all the same size stones lining the top and at least part of the sides of the rings. The number of single row diamonds are not set and depends on individual taste and what is affordable. In some cases, the gems may completely encircle the wedding ring (often referred to as eternity bands).

Rarely if ever do you see a single row diamond and single row wedding rings as a wedding set, although there is no hard and fast rule that says you can’t have have both a single row engagement and wedding ring as a set. However, it is often more common to find a solitaire diamond or other gem engagement ring combined with a single row wedding band or a plain wedding band with a single row engagement ring.

Single Row Anniversary Rings

There are also single row anniversary rings that are often given after several years of marriage. The number of diamonds or gems in single row anniversary rings are often determined by the number of the years you have been married.

Varying Prices

Single row rings can vary price a great deal depending on the size of diamonds and other gems, the number of diamonds in the ring, and the quality of each diamond as well as the type of setting that the gems are set into. When shopping for single row rings your best bet is to set the amount that you can afford or are willing to pay for the ring and then shop for those rings that are within that set amount. In most cases, you will be able to find a single row ring that is both beautiful and affordable. It just takes a little time to find the right ring to meet you taste as well as your budget.