Twisted Rings

Twisted rings are a popular style of ring that may be comprised of just metal or metal and gems. A twist ring consists of two or more strands of metal that are wound together in some way. Twist rings for women come in various styles that ranges from cute and unique to sophisticate and chic. Twisted rings may combine two colors of metal such as rose or yellow gold and platinum or different thickness of the strands. In addition the stands of metal may be loosely or tightly wound together or one strand may simply be wound around another. When most people thing of twisted rings the Celtic knot rings or cable twist rings come to mind, however, the Celtic knot and cable twisted rings for women are only two of the endless twist rings designs.

Twist rings for women run the gambit from costume jewelry, to fashion jewelry to engagement and wedding rings.

Stylish Twisted Engagement Rings

Twisted engagement rings can be extremely stylish and beautiful. A twisted engagement ring that features twisted metal with a large pronged diamond set in the center can add a uniqueness or flare that many women find eye-catching and desirable. Another stylish twist engagement ring is where there is actually two center cut diamonds and the metal surrounding each diamond is twisted so it appears that the stones are actually hugging one another.

Twisted Wedding Rings

Twisted wedding rings may consist of plain metal such as gold, or platinum or may include several diamonds. The twisted metal of the ring actually makes the ring look a little more special and offers a style that is as unique as well beautiful.

Shopping for Twist Rings

When it comes to twist rings, there are so many different styles of these rings using so many different metals that you need to take some time really getting to know about all the different style available. Even if two twist rings are made exactly alike the type of metal used will give the ring and entirely different use. For example a twist ring using gold metal, may look far different from the same ring made using rose gold, platinum, or even tungsten or made from a combination of metals or metal colors.

When gems are included in the twist ring, the placement of those gems can make a huge difference to the overall look of the ring and the feeling it evokes.

Before shopping for a twisted ring, should spend some time doing a bit of research to get some idea of the different styles of twist ring available and which of these rings appeal to you the most and why. You should also get some idea of the price range of these rings so that when you do go shopping for your own twisted ring you will have a good idea of the style of the ring you want and what that ring will cost.

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